My Estate Manager is a Hertfordshire based residential property manager of communal areas .

The company ethos is to ensure that each client† Ö

 Is treated as an individual

 Kept regularly informed

 Issues are dealt with promptly and efficiently

 Has a dedicated property manager who manages a limited number of properties, in order to ensure that site visits occur AT LEAST once a month.

 Is local

 We never forget that itís not OUR money

Although, we will be updating our website so that residents can find out more on-line. we know that a flashy website wonít persuade you to use My Estate Manager. Thatís why we welcome the opportunity to meet with you and/or your committee for an informal discussion, so that we can chat about your needs and tell you about our unique approach.





Contact Us :

My Estate Manager Ltd

The White House

1 The Broadway

Old Hatfield

Hertfordshire AL9 5BG


Phone: 01707 708489


Email :



Phone : 01707 708489

Email :




Phone : 01707 708489

Email :


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